Chili Peppers: It’s complicated

From Sue Lange: You might think a simple chili pepper would not be much to post about, but you’d be wrong. According to the PepperScale website, “Just like grapes grown for wine, hot peppers are incredibly complex.” They should know. They list over 100 different varieties along with descriptions for each one. If anybody knows […]

Peachey Keen

From Liz Clark comes a true story. The names might have been changed.  Liz is a great friend and a true lover of canned peaches. She has a whole section about it in her book, “Lessons from the Hog House.” Pick up a copy at Amazon. — Sue Lange   August in Memphis defines oppressive. […]

On Color and Food…

From Tracy Schott — I’ve been thinking a lot about color lately…Specifically the color of plates. Our everyday French Blue dinner plates have seen better days. We’re down to 7 plates (from the original set of 12) and several are badly chipped. They were a Target buy years ago and the pattern is long gone. […]

Eating Out: Catherine’s in Unionville

From Sue Lange — I love finding gems in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t happen often, but just enough to keep me on the lookout. My latest discovery is Catherine’s in Unionville, PA. I’m not exactly sure how I got there. I was returning home from a lovely day at Longwood Gardens. I think […]

Picnic at Hanging Rock: The Big Comeback

From Sue Lange: The best part of working up Le Bon Chef is the “research.” Especially food research. But I also have to research tons of tv series, which is why I recently stumbled across the Picnic at Hanging Rock miniseries from Australia. You can see it in the U.S. on Amazon Prime. I screened […]

The Key to Baking in Florida

Vicki Shaver writes: I love to bake – cakes of all kinds, pies, cookies…pretty much anything that puts a smile on the face of the people I know and love. Last week was my Trinidadian colleague’s birthday. Instead of the usual what’s-her-favorite-flavor cake, I decided that a Key Lime Pie was much more fitting for […]

The Demise of Real Food

Today we have guest blogger, Linda Bell, introducing herself. She’s the owner of The Culinary Classroom in Reading, PA. The first time I met her (just the other day) she relayed the fact that someone had once said they didn’t really think much of food. It wasn’t important to them. Linda wondered, “What could I […]

Le Bon Chef: The TV series progress report

So the voyage from concept to screen is a long and jagged one. Tracy and I are just at the beginning of bringing Le Bon Chef to the world. We’ve got a script for the pilot. We’ve gotten feedback on it. We’ve revised umpteen times. We’re thinking it’s time to make the dang thing. This […]

Hot Dog Days of Summer

Tracy Schott writes: I’ve been thinking about Barbecues. It’s the dog days of summer, and in my historic farm house we have no AC. That means that my oven doesn’t fire up for months, and we find new and inventive ways to use the grill. Since my family decided that mom need a Big Green […]

Zip Lining: The Ultimate in Extreme Sports (sort of)

For a few years I was obsessed with the idea of zip lining. Mostly I was thinking of the jungles in Central America. Some place thick and dangerous. The last place I was thinking of was Ohio. Which is where I eventually went. The problem was I couldn’t find anyone in my vast and bottomless […]