Update: Game of Thrones

From Sue Lange — As per my rant of a few weeks ago, I’m following up on my progress with GoT. I made it through, oh, 4 episodes maybe. In spite of the fact that Peter Dinklage is too much fun to watch, I can’t stand the show. And it started out so well. I […]

Film Review: The King

Sue Lange writes — I was never one to go gaga over Elvis. I wasn’t around when he was shaking things up. I was born into the velvet Elvis world. The whole phenomenon has always cracked me up: the bad movies, the Elvis sightings, the thousands of lookalikes running around and putting gas in their […]

“Sugar, ah Honey, Honey”

From Vicki Shaver — Sugar is so beloved that songs have been written about it! “Sugar, Sugar” is the title of an iconic bubble gum song by The Archies, a band as processed as the crystalized substance they sing about. Come to think of it, there have been lots of top selling songs written about […]