Thanksgiving for the Blessed

My Mother never liked the Church Ladies.  She was not much of a church goer, unlike my Dad who was Senior Warden at the local Episcopal Church. “They are always after your father. “Mom complained. Good luck with that. My parents fell in love in the third grade, married just after high school and raised […]

Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

Vicki Shaver continues to search for the right stuff to eat. Isn’t all fat bad? Doesn’t it make sense that fat causes you to be fat? (Logical, right?) Not so fast. Ever since the low fat craze of the 1970s and 80s, fat has been vilified. Around the same time (or in conjunction with), high […]

Living Mom’s Legacy

From Vicki Shaver Recently, my mother passed away after a long illness. This was two weeks prior to a vacation my husband and I had been planning for months.  In light of Mom’s passing, we debated about going. Was it too soon? Would there be business to take care of? Would it look inappropriate?  We […]