Le Bon Chef –

A ‘dramedy’ where women and food are the main ingredients!

A local legend in the art of French cuisine struggles to stay relevant in the culture of social media, vegan-obsessed millennials while coming to terms with her own mortality.

Vivienne Martin is strong, beautiful, witty, stubborn, and slowly drifting into obscurity. Trained at the Cordon Bleu some 30 years ago, she can flambé, filet, and sauté with the best of them. Her restaurant, Le Bon Chef, earned three Michelin stars when she was just 30 years old and she was rated “Top Ten Chefs to Watch” by Gourmet magazine.

Now Gourmet is out of print and younger diners could care less about reviews they can’t easily access on social media and are even less interested in eating rich food in a fussy atmosphere. Viv clings to her belief that French cuisine is the only food that matters, refusing to bend to the whims of food fads and diets even as she teeters on the brink of financial ruin.

Demoralized but not defeated, Vivienne looks to find ways to stay relevant in today’s culinary world without selling her soul.