Word of the New Year = Flexible

From Vicki Shaver — Instead of a New Year’s resolution, a recent trend has been to identify a word of the year. So, stop making promises that will likely be broken and choose an uplifting word to define or guide your year! It’s a mere coincidence that I’m researching heathy ways of eating as the […]

What’s the Deal with all the Low Carb Diets?

Vicki Shaver continues to figure out “what to eat.” Everywhere you turn you see another low carb diet claiming to cure all that ails you. “Eat like a caveman or like you live on the Mediterranean,” they say. Is this some kind of trick, like the low fat craze of years gone by that lulled […]

Thanksgiving for the Blessed

My Mother never liked the Church Ladies.  She was not much of a church goer, unlike my Dad who was Senior Warden at the local Episcopal Church. “They are always after your father. “Mom complained. Good luck with that. My parents fell in love in the third grade, married just after high school and raised […]

Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

Vicki Shaver continues to search for the right stuff to eat. Isn’t all fat bad? Doesn’t it make sense that fat causes you to be fat? (Logical, right?) Not so fast. Ever since the low fat craze of the 1970s and 80s, fat has been vilified. Around the same time (or in conjunction with), high […]

Living Mom’s Legacy

From Vicki Shaver Recently, my mother passed away after a long illness. This was two weeks prior to a vacation my husband and I had been planning for months.  In light of Mom’s passing, we debated about going. Was it too soon? Would there be business to take care of? Would it look inappropriate?  We […]

Update: Game of Thrones

From Sue Lange — As per my rant of a few weeks ago, I’m following up on my progress with GoT. I made it through, oh, 4 episodes maybe. In spite of the fact that Peter Dinklage is too much fun to watch, I can’t stand the show. And it started out so well. I […]

Film Review: The King

Sue Lange writes — I was never one to go gaga over Elvis. I wasn’t around when he was shaking things up. I was born into the velvet Elvis world. The whole phenomenon has always cracked me up: the bad movies, the Elvis sightings, the thousands of lookalikes running around and putting gas in their […]

“Sugar, ah Honey, Honey”

From Vicki Shaver — Sugar is so beloved that songs have been written about it! “Sugar, Sugar” is the title of an iconic bubble gum song by The Archies, a band as processed as the crystalized substance they sing about. Come to think of it, there have been lots of top selling songs written about […]

Tower of Power

From Sue Lange — I feel I must post this. It’s just so weird. This is the “Tower of Cobb” salad at Coastal Grille. It was huge. My pal, Chris, ordered it. He said it was tasty but he couldn’t eat it all and it wasn’t interesting once the tower fell. Still aesthetically pleasing and […]

Chili Today, Hot Tamale

From Sue Lange: As I said in a previous post, on a whim I bought a package of corn husks at the grocery store not knowing what I was supposed to do with them. Turns out they’re for tamales. So I set out to make some. Keep in mind I’ve never been good at making anything […]