What am I Supposed to Eat?

Vicki Shaver is starting a series here at the Le Bon Chef blog. She’s turning into a food sleuth, searching high and low for the perfect diet. She’s wants to uncover the healthiest and kindest-to-animals diet. In the process she’ll investigate the fads, the promises, the results, the truth. Follow along to find the answer […]

Age is an Asset

Today’s guest post is from Annarose Ingarra-Milch. She’s a great new friend of mine who is an author (Lunch with Lucille) and motivational speaker. She believes in self-empowerment and her mantra is “we are our best asset at any age.” Her philosophy fits in perfectly with the Le Bon Chef story of an older woman […]

Peachey Keen

From Liz Clark comes a true story. The names might have been changed.  Liz is a great friend and a true lover of canned peaches. She has a whole section about it in her book, “Lessons from the Hog House.” Pick up a copy at Amazon. — Sue Lange   August in Memphis defines oppressive. […]

The LeBon in Me

This post introduces Vicki Shaver, a fabulous girlfriend from my junior high/high school days. We’ve been pals for a long time. Vicki was one of the lights of our area in Michigan. We lived in Benton Harbor just up the coast and about a million miles in culture away from Chicago. It was a depressed […]