Film Review: The King

Sue Lange writes — I was never one to go gaga over Elvis. I wasn’t around when he was shaking things up. I was born into the velvet Elvis world. The whole phenomenon has always cracked me up: the bad movies, the Elvis sightings, the thousands of lookalikes running around and putting gas in their […]

What am I Supposed to Eat?

Vicki Shaver is starting a series here at the Le Bon Chef blog. She’s turning into a food sleuth, searching high and low for the perfect diet. She’s wants to uncover the healthiest and kindest-to-animals diet. In the process she’ll investigate the fads, the promises, the results, the truth. Follow along to find the answer […]

On Color and Food…

From Tracy Schott — I’ve been thinking a lot about color lately…Specifically the color of plates. Our everyday French Blue dinner plates have seen better days. We’re down to 7 plates (from the original set of 12) and several are badly chipped. They were a Target buy years ago and the pattern is long gone. […]

Picnic at Hanging Rock: The Big Comeback

From Sue Lange: The best part of working up Le Bon Chef is the “research.” Especially food research. But I also have to research tons of tv series, which is why I recently stumbled across the Picnic at Hanging Rock miniseries from Australia. You can see it in the U.S. on Amazon Prime. I screened […]

Le Bon Chef: The TV series progress report

So the voyage from concept to screen is a long and jagged one. Tracy and I are just at the beginning of bringing Le Bon Chef to the world. We’ve got a script for the pilot. We’ve gotten feedback on it. We’ve revised umpteen times. We’re thinking it’s time to make the dang thing. This […]

Writing: My Biography by Sue Lange

Every film, every theater piece, every tv show starts with a script. Before there’s a script there’s a script writer. That’s me. I write scripts. For film and theater and now TV. The drag of writing is that when you’re all done with your masterpiece, people will bug your for a biography. Apparently you have […]