Word of the New Year = Flexible

From Vicki Shaver — Instead of a New Year’s resolution, a recent trend has been to identify a word of the year. So, stop making promises that will likely be broken and choose an uplifting word to define or guide your year! It’s a mere coincidence that I’m researching heathy ways of eating as the […]

What’s the Deal with all the Low Carb Diets?

Vicki Shaver continues to figure out “what to eat.” Everywhere you turn you see another low carb diet claiming to cure all that ails you. “Eat like a caveman or like you live on the Mediterranean,” they say. Is this some kind of trick, like the low fat craze of years gone by that lulled […]

Chili Today, Hot Tamale

From Sue Lange: As I said in a previous post, on a whim I bought a package of corn husks at the grocery store not knowing what I was supposed to do with them. Turns out they’re for tamales. So I set out to make some. Keep in mind I’ve never been good at making anything […]

Improvisational Cooking

From Sue Lange — Let’s hear it for the improvisational cook — the unsung hero of the fallen angel food cake, the burnt cookies, the jello that never sets. She’s the cook that doesn’t read the recipe, just wings it. Things rarely turn out the way she planned.  I’m one of those people but not […]

What Every Woman Needs

Today’s post comes from Liz Clark, Home Economist, extraordinaire. Remember cooking class? Liz does! Every woman needs two things to be successful in life — one is a high quality electric drill, the other is a “signature recipe.” The drill will be explained in a future blog. The signature recipe is your “go to” dish. […]

What am I Supposed to Eat?

Vicki Shaver is starting a series here at the Le Bon Chef blog. She’s turning into a food sleuth, searching high and low for the perfect diet. She’s wants to uncover the healthiest and kindest-to-animals diet. In the process she’ll investigate the fads, the promises, the results, the truth. Follow along to find the answer […]

People, I Give You: The Carrot

From Sue Lange — You must admit there is a lot to grab and hold our attention these days: television, internet, drying paint. It’s all so much more interesting than anything else in real life. Especially carrots, the lowliest of vegetation. A root. You’d think the carrot’s vibrant coloration and phallic form would be super […]

Heretical Italian Cooking

From Linda Bell — Circa: 1980’s. Yes, I was brought up in an Italian household. We ate the dishes typical of the region of my parent’s heritage, Ascoli-Piceno in the province of Le Marche which is northeast of Rome close to the Adriatic. In that area we ate Pecorino Romano (not Parm!), Ascolan olives, and […]

Age is an Asset

Today’s guest post is from Annarose Ingarra-Milch. She’s a great new friend of mine who is an author (Lunch with Lucille) and motivational speaker. She believes in self-empowerment and her mantra is “we are our best asset at any age.” Her philosophy fits in perfectly with the Le Bon Chef story of an older woman […]

Go Gazpacho

From Sue Lange — Okay, so I screwed up last week. Megan’s peppers were shishitos, not poblanos. Where does she get these things? She lives in the same county as me. I’ve never seen these peppers anywhere (Oh for a Wegman’s downtown!) It was hard enough to find poblanos which I went searching for after […]